About us

Moonbeam Consulting is a New Zealand specialist consultant company with a focus strategic planning, coaching and organisational change. We draw on our diverse professional and personal experience to bring a flexible and customised style to working with our clients.  We're fresh, agile and always scanning the horizon for the latest tools, frameworks and approaches to help you achieve your objectives. 

Our services:
Tailored workshops for your unique problem or opportunity
Business process optimisation
Service creation & design workshops
High performing culture strategy creation & implementation
Life & career coaching for individuals

Our values:
People-centric & empathetic
Safe, honest convos
You are the expert
We have fun
Bold and fresh


Tamara Buckland

Tamara is an experienced service designer, project manager and people leader. Her experience spans across business ownership, private sector and working with the New Zealand Government in the social and justice sectors. Tamara has most recently worked in the tech industry in Wellington, managing people and projects, with a focus on wellbeing, diversity & inclusion and culture.  She also works part-time with CoLiberate, delivering Mental Health First Aid training to NZers and is a strong mental health advocate across all work that she is involved in. 
Tamara is passionate about helping organisations through change, with a people-focused and values lens. 

Tamara facilitated the inaugural meeting of our new Advisory Board. Our time was limited so she kept us bang on time with activities that enabled us to both draw out what we need to achieve as a group while having some robust discussion about the issues. Following the meeting, Tamara did a great job preparing the outputs and leaving us with a clear plan of action.
— Richard Westney, Summer of Biz

Matt Brittain

Matt has over 15 years of experience working in government and non-government sectors in various analyst and project management roles specifically in the education, health, social and justice areas. During this time he has acquired a diverse array of research, analysis, facilitation, leadership and policy skills. Matt's most recent role was through Volunteer Service Abroad where he was helping to  set up the systems and processes for a newly built juvenile prison in Papua New Guinea. Currently he is retraining, doing a Masters in Health Psychology with the goal of becoming a psychologist.  Matt is particularly passionate about benefits of independent facilitation and how it can be used to help businesses focus on whats important and achieve their key objectives.  One of his favourite methodologies is Investment Logic Mapping and he was once an accredited facilitator. 

Matt is a highly committed, creative and focused individual. He has the ability to step back and look at the bigger picture to provide out of the box solutions. His ILM facilitation’s are powerful, professional and have proven to be incredibly valuable to the organization. I found his biggest strength to be his ability to keep calm in challenging situations and stay focused on the issue. His incredible sense of humor is an absolute delight in a busy work environments.
— Priyanka Giri, Business Manager, Datacom